Cowboy Caviar Recipe

Simple Ingredients

What do you call it?

Redneck Caviar, Hillbilly Caviar, Cowboy Caviar, Texas Caviar, Black-Eyed Pea Relish? Whatever you call it, it's delicious!

Finely dice red onion.

Dice up the peppers - I just use whatever we have!

Pick cilantro leaves & chop it up.

Dice tomatoes - again, use whatever you have.

Add the veggies to a big bowl & gently toss.

Add the oil, vinegar, lime juice, spices, & cilantro, then mix.

Pour into a serving bowl.

Adjust seasoning - add salt if needed.

Cover & chill for at least 1 hour.

Serve & enjoy!

It is so good!

Serve with tortilla chips or Frito Scoops!

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