Easy Pecan Tartlet Recipe

Simple Ingredients

Butter, cream cheese, flour, pecans, flour, egg, salt, vanilla extract, & salt.

Combine softened cream cheese & butter.

Mix in flour until well combined.

Transfer to wax paper and refrigerate.

When you're ready to bake, chop pecans.

Remove dough from fridge and split in half, then each half into 12 balls.

Spray pan & press into muffin cups.

I like to use this leaf pan in the fall.

Make the filling next.

Fill tart cups with pecans.

Top pecans with the filling.

Bang the pan on the counter to get the filling in all the crevices around the pecans.

Bake until set.

Let cool, then loosen edges from pan & pop out.

Repeat for all tarts.

They look & smell so good!

The gooey filling is so good.

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