Copycat Cane's Fried Chicken Tenders

Remove tendons from chicken.

In a plastic bag combine tenders, buttermilk, & seasoning.

I use a bowl to help hold it up.

Massage the bag to mix up, then refrigerate.

After 6 hours, combine dry ingredients for breading.

Drizzle in buttermilk then mix up with a fork.

Heat oil in a deep fryer or pot.

Press chicken into breading until all are coated.

When oil is hot, place tenders in oil.

Check on tenders, giving a shake to make sure they don't stick.

When they are cooked, remove tenders from oil.

Drain tenders.

Let cool and enjoy!

Dip in Raising Cane's Sauce.

With Cane's Sauce and coleslaw - it is so good!

Tenders are also really good with collard greens.

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