How to Dehydrate Cherry Tomatoes

You will need cherry tomatoes & a dehydrator.

Slice cherry tomatoes in half.

Then lay them out on dehydrator trays.

I dehydrate all varieties of cherry tomatoes & use two kinds of dehydrators.

Place trays in the dehydrator.

These are chocolate sprinkle tomatoes.

Repeat until all tomatoes are in the dehydrator.

Our favorite tomatoes to dehydrate are sun gold tomatoes.

They are slightly sweet & kind of like candy or a fruit when they are dried.

To dry large tomatoes, slice into 1/4 inch slices.

Set the dehydrator to 125°F & dry for 8 - 18 hours, rotating the trays around halfway through the time.

Bring the top tray to the bottom and turn the back to the front.

Rotating the Trays Means:

Don't just spin it in a circle ;)

Check on the tomatoes as time passes - they will start shriveling up.

You want to be sure the inside of the tomato is dehydrating as quickly as the outside to avoid case hardening, so be sure to keep the temperature low and dry the tomatoes slowly.

Case Hardening happens when the outside of the tomato hardens and the inside is still soft and moist. The outside hardens, like a case. It is not obvious that the inside is not dry so the tomatoes will quickly spoil.

Tomatoes in the round dehydrators will dry faster.

They run hotter.

Tomatoes should have a slight crunch when dry.

Transfer into jars to condition.

More details about this in the post!

Use in recipes like sun-dried tomatoes, dried fruit, or eat as snacks.

Use tomatoes to make salad dressing or pizza toppings.

The full recipe is in the post.

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