Southern Bytes

Prepare your corn - this is a good use for garden corn that may have gotten nibbled by deer or rodents or is small. Cook and shuck corn.

Or just use a scoop of frozen corn!

Place corn on sheets of a dehydrator tray. I put a layer of parchment in between the two layers of the tray so little pieces of corn don't fall off. 

Dehydrate at 125°F - 135°F (use the lower end if you find that your dehydrator gets really hot) for 8 - 12 hours, checking at 6 hours to gauge heat.

Corn should be like tiny, brittle pebbles. It can have a little squish, but you want to be sure all moisture is removed.

So much less corn than we started with. You can save corn for soup or continue to make cornmeal.

I grind up dried kernels in a cheap coffee bean grinder! Super easy - you just have to do it in batches.

I like to bake the cornmeal for 10 - 15 minutes at really low heat to make sure it is totally dry.

Store in a jar with a desiccant packet. (This will absorb excess moisture. I have a link in the post to these on Amazon.)

For reference, the more yellow one is store bought corn but the homegrown corn is sweeter.

As opposed to store bought cornmeal, with homemade - you can really taste the corn.

It is so delicious (and fun to make!)

Use homemade cornmeal to make cornbread

Or as breading for fried catfish!