Uses for Honeysuckle Flowers

It's HONEYSUCKLE season in Tennessee!

Did you know that there are two different kinds of honeysuckle that grow here.

The first to start blooming is Amur Honeysuckle. The flowers are smaller & it grows as a giant bush.

It is incredibly invasive, but smells wonderful. Amur honeysuckle are not as sweet so we don't use those for cooking.

This is what the amur honeysuckle look like.

They grow all around our yard as giant bushes.

This is what the Japanese honeysuckle look like.

It grows as more of a vine on other plants and the flowers are nearly twice as big.

Pick honeysuckle flowers when they are pale yellow but not wilted. Those will be the sweetest.

We like to make honeysuckle tea.

We also like to make Honeysuckle Simple Syrup.

Lastly, I like to dehydrate the flowers for use all year long!

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