Instant Pot Country Style Ribs Recipe


Heat your Instant Pot on Saute mode & add oil.

Toss ribs in Cajun seasoning & brown sugar & massage it into the meat.

Sear the ribs in batches in the oil on all sides.

Set the ribs off to the side. They should be browned, but not cooked. This will lock in the moisture.

Add onions and saute in the leftover oil & seasoning.

Deglaze with broth.

Scrape browned bits off the bottom of the pot.

Lay ribs on top of the onions.

Cook at High Pressure for 45 minutes.

Let pressure naturally release, then open lid.

When the ribs are done cooking, shred them up and move the onions and ribs to a bowl. You can serve them in big chunks or really tear them apart with a fork.

Using a slotted spoon, move the ribs to a bowl.

Mix some of the juices from the pot with the barbecue sauce & coat the ribs with it.

I only use a small amount of sauce then serve extra sauce on the side for everyone to use as they please.

Serve with buttermilk mashed potatoes & enjoy!

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